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About Us

The Team

The Mars Society of Canada (MSC) is a registered federal not-for-profit corporation operated and maintained by a core team of volunteers. These experts and advocates donate their time towards the pursuit of our mission; to foster a future of space exploration for humanity, and to advocate for the establishment of a human presence on Mars.

We collaborate with the Canadian public, academic institutions, industry, and government to promote space exploration science and innovation within Canada. Our education, outreach, advocacy and research efforts are funded entirely by donations and membership dues.

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The MSC Board of Directors

Glenn Scott
Glenn is an experienced polar scientist and bioresource innovator who is presently developing agro-ecological technologies for deployment in harsh, remote environments.
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Evan Plant-Weir
Chief Communications Officer, Chairman, Content Creator
Evan is a passionate advocate for space exploration. With a mixed background in academia, technical training and business management, he supports the Mars Society of Canada as co-founder and Director.
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Jin Sing Sia
Mars Engineering Developer, Content Creator

As a Master's research student at Western University's Institute for Earth and Space Exploration, Jin serves as Chief Diversity Officer and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors.

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Rex Plant

Rex is an accomplished inventor, successful entrepreneur, teacher, experienced millwright and amateur astronomer. His passionate belief in the value of space exploration has foundations in witnessing the Apollo landings, a love of science fiction, and profound confidence in the positive future potential of our species.

Susan Holden Martin

Susan Holden Martin, MBA, J.D., has 15 years of experience as a college educator and she serves as a director of The Mars Society of Canada and on the Steering Committee of The Mars Society (U.S.)

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Rym Chaid

Rym is a mechanical engineering student at Concordia University, President of Space Health Concordia and Co-founder of the Montreal Chapter of The Mars Society of Canada.

Amanda Spilkin

Amanda is a PhD student in mechanical engineering at Concordia University.  She founded Space Health Concordia and co-founded the Montreal Chapter of The Mars Society of Canada.


The MSC Volunteer Team

Aastha Kacha

Aastha is contributing towards Artificial intelligent Algorithmic Design, Digital Fabrication and building Technology solutions to inhabit Mars.

Shaun Dowell

As a former Canadian Forces member and avid learner, Shaun has developed skills in electrical systems, small engine repair, wind & solar power generation, animal medicine, welding & metallurgy and computer sciences including the development of VR and AR training.

Andrea Christina Onn

Andrea is a passionate environmentalist and animal rights advocate. Her enthusiasm for the project of humans-to-Mars is founded in a belief that the technology and processes yielded through becoming multi-planetary will benefit all life on Earth.

Max Lightstone

Max is a designer, planner, and developer. He likes to focus on events and getting new projects off the ground. 

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Haydn Hanna

Haydn is a trained primary school teacher who has recently undertaken study in elearning development. He loves that the world is excited about space again and believes that children deserve to be taken along for the journey! He's currently working on the Mars Explorer Program, an open-source, Mars themed curriculum for primary aged children.

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Jessica Parker
Social Media Content Creator

Jessica is passionate about Mars and the importance of becoming multi-planetary. With a background in IT, she keeps the community up to date with exciting news and informative content about Mars! 

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Zoe Victoria Lord
Strategic Liason

Zoe is a Master's research student at Queen's University studying VR and AR devices for chemistry education. She has a strong passion for space exploration and is an advocate for the next generation of humans to inhabit Mars.

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Our Motto

E Terra, Pro Terra, Ad Astra
From Earth, For Earth, To the stars

The Mars Society of Canada motto reflects several important beliefs:

Human space exploration is crucial
In order to secure a long-term future not only for humanity but for all terrestrial life, it is essential that we look to the stars. Getting humans to Mars is not only achievable, it is also deeply desirable. It is time to become a multi-planetary species and spread from Earth.

Learning to live on other worlds is good for Earth
It is a commonly held misconception that the exploration and settlement of other planets means the abandonment of our responsibilities here on Earth. This could not be more incorrect. The project of Mars exploration and settlement will bring about profound developments in science, engineering, and technology. It will also provide an unprecedented catalyst for new social, political, and economic opportunities and advancements, with the dawning of a new age for our species. The exploration and colonization of new worlds will offer tremendous benefits for Earth.

Mars is just the beginning
Though the human exploration and eventual settlement of Mars is our primary focus, the implications of that objective being met are – quite literally – astronomical. Human beings are creators and explorers, and through learning to live on Mars, we will be taking the first step in a far grander adventure. Having become proficient at inter-planetary travel, our descendants will be ready for a journey to the stars.

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