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The Mars Explorer Program

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Learning Resources to Inspire

We’re looking for schools and in-class instructors in Southern Ontario and Quebec to join the Mars Explorer Program for the 2024 school year! If your class would like to learn more about Mars, the Moon and other STEM-related subjects, please contact us for more information:

The Mars Society of Canada (MSC) looks forward to an exciting and inspiring future on Mars! We think young people deserve to be taken on this journey as well. The mission of the Mars Explorer Program is simple: To provide a free, open-source, accessible and enjoyable learning space to inspire young people to explore Mars! The program is a collection of high-quality, Mars-themed teacher resources and learning modules that are linked to the Canadian provincial curriculums that can be used online or presented to classes by qualified volunteers from the MSC. In the future, the Mars Explorer program will run virtual after school clubs, summer camps, and exciting competitions.

Featured Learning Modules

image off-world city

Build a City on Mars

Build a City on Mars using TinkerCad – a child-friendly 3D modelling software.

image Mars farm

Grow a Martian Garden

Can plants grow on Mars? In this project students set up an experiment using the scientific method to grow plants in Mars Soil Simulant.

image astronaut diary

Write a Diary on Mars

Help students learn about the features of a diary entry by reading diary entries from Jin Sia, an analog astronaut and engineer. Then, imagine what it would be like to live on Mars and write your own diary!

image FMARS

Mars on Earth

What would you need to survive in a habitat on the Moon or on Mars? Students will learn about the Mars analog stations on Earth that are helping to answer this question.

image astronomer girl

The Sky for Terranauts

This lesson will teach students about the different types of celestial bodies and inspire them with a consideration of light and the vast differences in scale.

image rover on Mars

Mini-Rover Design

Using simple ‘maker tech’, students will learn the basics about the hardware and software that make rovers work.

Virtual After School Clubs

The Mars Explorer Program also hosts a variety of ‘pay what you can’ virtual after school clubs that cover a variety of Mars themed topics like city design, rocket science and more! Help your child connect and learn with others around the world with similar interests. 

Mars City Design Club

This club meets once a week to design a city on Mars! Each week we’ll learn about a new challenge of building a city on Mars – including the challenging terrain, lack of oxygen and water and growing food! We’ll use TinkerCad to create our city! Great for those techy children out there that love designing things!

Rocket Launch Club

Get together with other space enthusiasts to watch important rocket launches that are happening around the world!


Why You Should Become a Martian

Welcome to Mars, Your New Home

Get Involved!

The Mars Explorer Program is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. If you have a passion for Mars and education, and want to contribute to humanity’s inspiring and exciting future on Mars, we’d love to hear from you! We’re currently looking for people who can help in the following ways: Lesson design, in-class presenters, summer camp councilors, competition management, and fundraising. If you can’t volunteer but would still like to support the project, you can support it by becoming a member of The Mars Society of Canada!