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Amanda Spilkin

amanda spilkinAmanda is the founder of the Space Health Division at Concordia University and an active member of The Mars Society of Canada (Montreal), SEDS Canada, and the Canadian Society for Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Subgroup (SCtaRS). She is motivated in developing the space health and medicine industry in Canada, as well as building the infrastructure to make it happen.

Amanda completed her MSc. in physics, specializing in medical imaging, where she focused on the effects of human aging on brain activity and gait control. She is currently a System Designer at Zimmer Biomet, working in the development of mixed reality technology for surgical applications. In parallel, Amanda is pursuing her PhD in mechanical engineering, focusing on autonomous robotics in ultrasound imaging. Amanda has worked with EuroMoonMars and the Astronaut Training Center in Poland, participating in mission control and analog astronaut simulation. She is also a member of The Mars Society of Canada and the Co- Founder & President of the Montreal Chapter, an initiative propelling the advancement of biotech and human factors research in extreme environments.

Aside from professional and academic projects, Amanda is volunteering at, a non-profit organization helping Ukrainians in resettlement and employment initiatives. She hopes to help Ukrainians arriving in Canada in establishing a solid foundation for themselves and their families.

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