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Public Advocacy

public advocacy

Our Current Initiatives

Public Outreach

Through the consistent generation of original online content, The Mars Society of Canada is educating and inspiring people around the world on the subject of Mars exploration and settlement.

Thought-provoking articles and educational media can be found in our popular online creative space; the Mars Society of Canada MarsLog blog.

The Mars Society of Canada also maintains an active social media presence. We keep our followers up-to-date with current Mars news and research, in addition to generating regular educational features such as The Mars Explorer Program, where we teach students about the science and engineering behind Mars exploration.

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Public Discussion and Engagement

One of the most important means of advocating for the human exploration and settlement of Mars is through daily conversation. The concept of becoming a multi-planetary species is a new idea to many people, who might not have had much of a chance to consider the benefits and drawbacks of such a massive undertaking.

As an advocate for Mars, you can help increase public awareness and understanding of the importance of Mars exploration through face-to-face or digital discussion. Raise the subject at a party or bring it up with friends and family! The more we discuss and normalize the subject of humans-to-Mars, the more it becomes part of public opinion and the more it will influence our political systems.

Become Mars-Literate

The best way to engage others on the subject of Mars is to increase your own understanding on the topic. Why is it so important to go to Mars? What value does Mars exploration provide to us here on Earth? Is the financial and resource cost justified? It’s important to be able to answer these and other questions when advocating for a multi-planetary future. Use the following resources to learn more!

Become a Member

Be a part of this!

The Mars Society of Canada offers a professional and credible platform for all space advocates to promote Canada’s participation in Mars science and exploration. By becoming a member of our federal not-for-profit, you provide direct support for our educational, public outreach and analog research efforts. We proudly represent the voice of thousands of Canadians who believe in the profound benefit of Mars exploration, and a multi-planetary future for humanity.