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Donate to The Mars Society of Canada

The time for new beginnings has arrived, and your support helps us to pursue a bold and hopeful vision

Your donations will be directly supporting our initiatives and projects. In collaboration with the Canadian public, academic institutions, industry, and government, our volunteers engage in education and outreachpolitical advocacy, and research activities.

Please help us turn this vision into a reality

We will help build the foundations for humanity’s leap into space and support settlement activities on Mars once it arrives. To support Canada’s participation in the future establishment of communities on Mars, we are committed to the development of educational programs, research & innovation projects and analog studies for the benefit
of Canada and everyone who shares our vision. We are dedicated to the values of diversity, inclusion and
sustainability and will continue to conduct outreach programs in Canada through the development of
local chapters and the staging of conferences and workshops. In cooperation with our local
chapters and chapters of The Mars Society throughout the world, we will develop and sustain a
knowledge-exchange network that is capable of engaging our general membership, the public and space
professionals with the evolving challenges of building sustainable communities on Mars with the lessons
learned in the terrestrial ecosphere.

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Canadian astronaut on Mars – ‘DIOR’.