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Analog Research

Past & Present Initiatives

MEMES Station
Origami Mars Habitat Design

Future Initiatives

The Mars Society of Canada is just getting started! As we refine our strategy and grow our membership base we plan to participate in, provide grants for and directly conduct research for the sake of augmenting Mars exploration and eventual inhabitation. Some key focus areas will include:

icon plant
Greenhouse Technologies
icon rover
Rover Design
icon brain
Confinement Experiments

Would you like to collaborate with The Mars Society of Canada in research? Does your research need additional support or publicity? Reach out to us, and we may be able to help.

Become a Member

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The Mars Society of Canada offers a professional and credible platform for all space advocates to promote Canada’s participation in Mars science and exploration. By becoming a member of our federal not-for-profit, you provide direct support for our educational, public outreach and analog research efforts. We proudly represent the voice of thousands of Canadians who believe in the profound benefit of Mars exploration, and a multi-planetary future for humanity.