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Why Mars, What About Earth?

Mars and Earth
Image by Evan Plant-Weir, using licensed elements

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Earth is our home. It is the bastion of all life as we know it, and it has been the stage for all human history thus far. It is no wonder then, that for some of us, the idea of establishing a permanent presence on Mars might sound strange at first.

Wouldn’t going to Mars divert precious resources away from caring for our homeworld? Shouldn’t we take care of what we have now rather than build an “escape hatch” to another world?

These are important questions. They originate from a perspective of responsibility, morality, and even affection for the planet that has nurtured our entire existence so far. The answers can be found by increasing our knowledge on the subject.

If we look a little closer and keep an open mind, the evidence is clear. Establishing a permanent human presence on Mars is not only a logical objective, it is arguably one of the most important things our species will ever do. It will bring profound benefit to humanity, to our homeworld, and to the biosphere that raised us.

To understand why this is true, we need to explore the following subjects. Click on the icons below to learn more:

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Written by Evan Plant-Weir, 2021