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Mars Habitat Design

Applying Artificial Intelligence, Origami and Computational Geometry to Mars habitat architecture

The Mars Society of Canada (MSC) Architectural Concepts Developer, Aastha Kacha is exploring the efficacy of folding origami habitat design in meeting the challenges of payload logistics, deployability and resilience to extreme Martian surface conditions.

With design and modeling support from MSC Mars Engineering Developer Jin Sing Sia, this effort seeks to demonstrate that origami architecture is not only effective at solving various technical problems but that it is also a viable solution for managing the physical and psychological comfort of habitat occupants.

On 15 October 2020, MSC gave a presentation on this design at the 23rd Annual Convention of the Mars Society. That video can be found below.

Our presentation during The Mars Society’s 2020 Convention (Credit: The Mars Society)
The folding and unfolding of a Mars habitat using origami architecture
A visual rendering of the Kresling origami pattern

Easy to reconfigure

Modular and multipurpose

Highly compact for shipping

Robust structural integrity

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