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Knowledge exchange is not a one-way flow of information from one person to another. Ideas, knowledge and perspectives need to be exchanged between each of following key audiences:

  • Students: A key part of our mandate is to educate and inspire young minds. In support of this, we have developed the Mars Explorer Program and the ‘Mars Explorer Mobile Education Station (MEMES)‘ which is a mobile classroom designed as a small Mars analog station that is available for schools throughout Southern Ontario and Quebec.
  • Adults: Whether you are a university student, an industry or academic professional, or a space enthusiast, we create educational content for all audiences. If you are interested to volunteer with us, please review our volunteer opportunities.
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The Mars Society of Canada is developing and promoting the following resources to assist people from all perspectives and to inspire knowledge exchange:

  • Articles (online): The Mars Society has developed an up-to-date online database of Mars-related research papers. As well, the Mars Society of Canada is producing and publishing articles written by its members at ‘MarsLog‘. If you would like to collaborate in the development of an article, please contact us and consider becoming a volunteer!
  • Identify useful resources (online): National space agencies and other public institutions have developed programs and materials suitable for public school educators such as Inspiring resources for young people from the Canadian Space Agency and a Space Educator’s Guide available from the Waterloo Regional Museum.
  • Presentation Development (chapters): We will assist any local chapters with the identification of possible speakers and provide graphics, online promotion and other assistance for any in-house presentations.
  • Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops: We have been actively planning and participating in various in-person events such as SPEX2022.
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The Mars Society of Canada offers a professional and credible platform for all space advocates to promote Canada’s participation in Mars science and exploration. By becoming a member of our federal not-for-profit, you provide direct support for our educational, public outreach and analog research efforts. We proudly represent the voice of thousands of Canadians who believe in the profound benefit of Mars exploration, and a multi-planetary future for humanity.