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Canadian astronaut on Mars – ‘DIOR’.

Our Mission.

Mars is far enough away to be a challenge, while close enough in cosmic terms for this generation to explore it. In comparable terms, it is to this generation what Antarctica was to the generation of the early 1900’s.

Due to the unprecedented advent of true rocket reusability, and the blossoming of a robust private commercial space industry, the cost of reaching orbit is dropping significantly. We are in the midst of the transition to a new era in human spaceflight, and the window to becoming multi-planetary has opened at last.
Canada’s far north is a terrain geologically similar to much of Mars, with its glacial geomorphology and permafrost subsurface. This makes Canadian expertise in northern environments a valuable base from which to learn and explore Mars.
The Mars Society of Canada is a space-advocacy group dedicated to promoting, within Canada, the exploration of Mars by implementing public-outreach programs, lobbying governments and carrying out its own technical projects.
Canada has a proud legacy of contributing to space science and innovation. Mars exploration and settlement presents significant opportunity for Canadians to continue this legacy on a new horizon.


Our Focus

We are committed to public and professional engagement through education, advocacy, research and the development of local networks.

Knowledge Exchange

Learn about Mars, teach others and exchange insights to inspire and engage the public.


Why is Mars science & exploration important and who you can contact to enable action!


Follow Mars Analog developments and investigate other fascinating projects.

Start a Chapter

Begin your own chapter and network with other enthusiasts or professionals in your community.

Videos from The Mars Society of Canada

Mars Explorer Program

Mars Habitat Design

Presentation by MSC CCO at the 2021 Mars Society Convention


Our Team

We are a dedicated group of volunteers with a passion for Mars exploration and development.

Glenn Scott
Glenn is an experienced polar scientist and bioresource innovator who is presently developing agro-ecological technologies for deployment in harsh, remote environments.
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Evan Plant-Weir
Chief Communications Officer, Chairman, Content Creator
Evan is a passionate advocate for space exploration. With a mixed background in academia, technical training and business management, he supports the Mars Society of Canada as co-founder and Director.
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Jin Sing Sia
Mars Engineering Developer, Content Creator
As a 4th year mechanical engineering student at the University of Waterloo, he is applying his growing command of engineering principals to the discussion and analysis of current and future Mars technical endeavours.
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Rex Plant

Rex is an accomplished inventor, successful entrepreneur, teacher, experienced millwright and amateur astronomer. His passionate belief in the value of space exploration has foundations in witnessing the Apollo landings, a love of science fiction, and profound confidence in the positive future potential of our species.

Susan Holden Martin

Susan Holden Martin, MBA, J.D., has 15 years of experience as a college educator and she serves as a director of The Mars Society of Canada and on the Steering Committee of The Mars Society (U.S.)

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Aastha Kacha

Aastha is contributing towards Artificial intelligent Algorithmic Design, Digital Fabrication and building Technology solutions to inhabit Mars.

Shaun Dowell

As a former Canadian Forces member and avid learner, Shaun has developed skills in electrical systems, small engine repair, wind & solar power generation, animal medicine, welding & metallurgy and computer sciences including the development of VR and AR training.

Andrea Christina Onn

Andrea is a passionate environmentalist and animal rights advocate. Her enthusiasm for the project of humans-to-Mars is founded in a belief that the technology and processes yielded through becoming multi-planetary will benefit all life on Earth.

Max Lightstone

Max is a designer, planner, and developer. He likes to focus on events and getting new projects off the ground. 

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Haydn Hanna

Haydn is a trained primary school teacher who has recently undertaken study in elearning development. He loves that the world is excited about space again and believes that children deserve to be taken along for the journey! He's currently working on the Mars Explorer Program, an open-source, Mars themed curriculum for primary aged children.

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The human factor.

The process of learning to live on Mars will drive an unprecedented age of technological advancement in arenas like energy generation and conservation, efficient water use, smarter farming techniques, material engineering, and much more.

It is not the abandonment of our home planet, it’s a new chapter in the growth in our species that will include new technologies and processes we can use here on Earth.

Evan Plant-Weir

Evan Plant-Weir

Chairman, The Mars Society of Canada


Why Mars?

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Scientific Discovery and Technological Innovation

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The “Fix our planet first” Fallacy

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