Our Mission

Mars is far enough away to be a challenge, while close enough in cosmic terms for this generation to explore it. In comparable terms, it is to this generation what Antarctica was to the generation of the early 1900’s.

Canada’s far north is a terrain geologically similar to much of Mars, with its glacial geomorphology and permafrost subsurface. This makes Canadian expertise in northern environments a valuable base from which to learn and explore Mars.

The Mars Society of Canada is a space-advocacy group dedicated to promoting, within Canada, the exploration of Mars by implementing public-outreach programs, by lobbying governments and by carrying out its own technical projects.

Canada has a proud legacy of contributing to space science and innovation. Mars exploration and settlement presents significant opportunity for Canadians to continue this legacy on a new horizon.


Knowledge Exchange

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Why is Mars science & exploration important and who you can contact to enable action!

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The key to our success is the development of local chapters of the Mars Society of Canada.

Keeping up to date with developments online is a great start, but progress requires meeting people and establishing networks.

Do you have a small group of people with an interest in Mars? Would you like to network with more people like yourselves while engaging the public? Are you ready to make a redeeming commitment?

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