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Local Chapters & Affiliates

The key to our success is the development of local chapters and affiliates of The Mars Society of Canada (MSC). Keeping up to date with our developments on social media and becoming an official member of the MSC is a good start, but regularly meeting with people in your community is a great way to develop your common interest in Mars exploration and inhabitation. Such meetings will help to develop your understanding of Mars while establishing valuable community networks of like-minded individuals.

  • Do you have a small group of people with an interest in Mars?
  • Do you have a ‘locus’ in mind? Is it a region, a town or an institution?
  • Do you have a focus in mind? What are the strengths and interests of your existing network?
  • Are you ready to make a redeeming commitment?

To assist people with the establishment and development of local chapters and affiliates we offer:

  • A website to represent your new group online (chapters)
  • Social media assistance to get your message out (chapters & affiliates)
  • Access to our project management system to stay organized and keep people engaged (chapters)
  • Business cards and access to all of our online branding (chapters)
  • Access to volunteer opportunities and our network of experts (chapters & affiliates)

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