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Angela Prest

Portrait Angela Prest
Angela Prest of The Mars Society of Canada.

Angela is an educator for the Upper Canada District School Board and has been teaching for over 20 years. She is a self-motivated individual with an artistic disposition and an extensive experiential background in project-based learning, STEM and multi-media arts.
After 15 years in the classroom, Angela has recently taken a system position as a Digital Learning Partner. Her main areas of focus are to motivate and support students and teachers in coding, robotics, STEM, fabrication and design. This past year she has acquired new skills using 3D printers, laser burners and vinyl cutters as well as the design software that support them.
Angela is open-minded and sincere and values new developments in education and has a natural affinity for incorporating technology into her teaching practice.
Angela loves Science as well as Science Fiction; and acknowledging that she was strongly influenced by the Star Trek franchise; she has accepted that ‘resistance is futile’ when is comes to accepting her fate as a ‘geek’.
As a member of the Mars Society of Canada, Angela brings her ability to manage complex projects, her creative take on problem-solving, her curiosity, and her love of tech. She is currently supporting the Mars Explorer Program and the Summer Learning Initiative.

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