Mars Explorer Program

Mars Explorer Program

What is the Mars Explorer Program? (coming soon)

Are you an educator, a student of science, an aspiring young astronaut or just curious about Mars?

The Mars Explorer Program is an initiative by the Mars Society of Canada to develop an open-source,
accessible and enjoyable online learning space on the subject of Mars exploration.

We are generating curricula with the objective of providing a foundational understanding of subjects such as:

The History of Space Exploration to Mars

The Possible Future of Mars Exploration

Education and Career Paths for Aspiring Mars Explorers

An Overview of Key Scientific Mars Discoveries

Essential Mars and Space Exploration Facts in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and more

Profiles of Key Organizations and Professionals in Mars Exploration

Are you an educator with experience in e-learning and a passion for space exploration?
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You can be a part of the path to Mars!

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