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Glenn Scott – Board Nominee, 2023

Board Nominee 2023 Glenn Scott.
Board Nominee, 2023 – Glenn Scott

As president and co-founding director of The Mars Society of Canada, I have been actively involved in its establishment and development since 2016.  In cooperation with my fellow directors, we have had the privilege of working with a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers who have been instrumental in building a promising organization with the capacity to embark on a variety of exciting projects. 

I hope to continue working with the MSC in a role where I will be able to forge strategies and build a well-defined organizational framework that will allow us to complete these projects as we embrace new ideas and challenges.  Among these will be building our membership base, developing productive collaborations with related organizations and deploying research projects in support of Canada’s ambition to participate in Mars exploration and eventual settlement.

These challenges will be effectively met by supporting and encouraging our volunteers, engaging with our membership base and inspiring the public with our vision of Mars.Prior to my activities with The Mars Society of Canada, I completed an MSc in polar climatology and worked on a variety of climate change and food security research projects throughout the circumpolar Arctic (

– Glenn Scott