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Dr. Pooneh Maghoul – Board Nominee, 2023

Board Nominee 2023 Dr. Pooneh Maghoul.
Board Nominee, 2023 – Dr. Pooneh Maghoul.

I am Pooneh, an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. I have a strong passion for space exploration, and I have been actively involved in various research and educational activities within the MSC. I have also established several collaborations between the MSC and other stakeholders, such as universities, companies and organizations.

As a potential member of the MSC Board of Directors, I would like to contribute to the development and implementation of a strategic plan for R&D activities within the MSC. I believe that the MSC can play a key role in advancing the scientific and technological knowledge for space missions and Mars (and the Moon) settlements. I would also like to promote a close collaboration between the MSC, academia and industry, and help the MSC with fundraising activities through partnerships, grants and sponsorships.

-Dr. Pooneh Maghoul