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Dr. Hanieh M. Provencher – Board Nominee, 2023

Board Nominee 2023 Dr. Hanieh Provencher
Board Nominee, 2023 – Dr. Hânieh M. Provencher.

As a biomedical engineer specializing in heart-brain interaction and cognition using medical imaging, I have actively participated in space cardiovascular science since 2018. My primary goal is to conduct research and develop concepts and biomedical instruments that support the cardiovascular and brain health of astronauts, ensuring their well-being during and after spaceflight. Recognizing the transformative potential of my expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), digital health, and medical robotics, I strive to leverage these fields for space research. My aim is to integrate cutting-edge technologies into space exploration, ultimately enhancing the well-being of astronauts. Moreover, I firmly believe that these endeavors could have a positive impact on public health and benefit individuals residing in remote areas of Canada.

By joining the Board of Directors of the Mars Society of Canada (MSC), I aim to apply my expertise and knowledge to support space science, in particular in the upcoming Canadian Analog Mars Mission. I am eager to make a significant contribution to the mission’s success. In this capacity, I am determined to deepen my collaboration with the MSC and to utilize my skills to devise effective strategies and establish a strong organizational structure. This will enable us to execute projects successfully, embrace innovative concepts and collaboration, and overcome various challenges that may arise. My key priorities will include enhancing our strategic research planning, fostering expanded collaboration opportunities, promoting technological advancements, and securing research funding and grants. I hope that by joining the board, I can actively contribute to decisions and initiatives that shape the association’s activities and projects. It would provide me the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the advancement of Canadian Mars exploration and related scientific endeavors (

Hânieh M. Provencher