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Mars Diversity

Why Mars Needs Diversity

In Ann Friedman’s 2014 profile of American astronaut Sally Ride, she notes that in 1990, NASA management “quietly ordered a working group of physicians to declare homosexuality a ‘psychiatrically disqualifying condition’” for astronaut selection. Although this rule was never implemented,… Read More »Why Mars Needs Diversity

Mars for all

Mars for All

Your great-grandchild’s first job might be washing dishes in a restaurant on Mars. That may sound oddly mundane, and it should. If you’re a consumer of space exploration news and conversation, then you will no doubt have come across the… Read More »Mars for All

Mars 2020 during EDL

Countdown to a New Year in Space

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2020 has been, to say the least, a difficult year for humanity. However, it has also been marked by great achievements in space exploration; a testament to our relentless pursuit for knowledge despite adversity. Before we enter 2021, let’s take a look at the year’s highlights in space exploration.

Graphic Man Looking at Cosmos

A Story of Courage

It can be easy to forget, but we are all participants in a shared journey. Our lives are woven into the ancient sequence of events that constitute the history of our species. Crossing the millennia, from the early struggling of… Read More »A Story of Courage