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Membership Level – Community Founder

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Be a part of Canada’s journey to Mars! Support our efforts in public education & outreach, public advocacy and research activities! The benefits of this lifetime membership level include:

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The Mars Society of Canada (MSC) is a membership-driven, federal not-for-profit. We advocate for the exploration of Mars, including human missions and eventually settlement efforts. MSC is an all-volunteer group and our sole source of financial resources is through membership plans and donations!

By purchasing one of our membership plans, you will be directly supporting our initiatives. In collaboration with the Canadian public, academic institutions, industry, and government, we engage in education and outreachpublic advocacy, and research activities. The time for our species to take on new beginnings has arrived, and your support helps us to pursue that bold and hopeful vision.

Who We Are:

Our Activities:

Examples of how membership dues are used include:

  • Educational programs and materials on space exploration, Canada’s participation in space-based activities and Mars related curricula
  • Outreach activities designed to engage and inspire the youth and general public
  • Political advocacy for increased Canadian involvement and funding for space exploration efforts
  • Research initiatives, Mars simulation training activities and grant programs designed to provide theoretical and practical advancements in the human exploration of Mars.
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