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The Mars Explorer Program Has Volunteer Opportunities!

The Mars Explorer Program

The Mars Society of Canada (MSC) has been actively developing the Mars Explorer Program (MEP) which consists of online, Mars and Moon-themed learning modules as a resource for primary school teachers throughout Canada who intend to inspire their students to pursue careers in STEM fields. The first set of modules has already been made freely available, and MSC volunteers have successfully presented them to pilot schools in Ontario. Based on this success, we intend to expand this program to include up to 34 learning modules, but we need your help and need to fill the following positions!:

  • MEP Coordinator: As the MEP Coordinator, you will be responsible for helping to organize the different elements of MEP including our future summer camp program, school presentations, and online lesson development.
  • MEP Presenters: You will travel to local schools to give in person demonstrations of the lessons that have already been developed.
  • MEP Lesson Developers: We already have a number of lessons ready to go, but we need more! You can get creative and apply your talent for constructing inspiring, meaningful lessons.

In support of MEP, we have developed the ‘Mars Explorer Mobile Education Station’ (MEMES) which will be deployed throughout Southern Ontario and Quebec in 2024, and throughout the rest of Canada in 2025.

If you have teaching skills or are an aspiring educator with a talent for inspiring young students with STEM-based lessons, please contact us at ‘[email protected]’ or reach out to us on any of our social media platforms.


We ask the following:

  • A two to three hour commitment per week.
  • The ability to pass a ‘vulnerable sectors’ background check.
  • Be available to start as soon as possible.
  • That you are based somewhere in Southern Ontario or Quebec in 2024. In 2025, we will be looking beyond this region.

Further information about what it’s like to volunteer with The Mars Society of Canada can be found here.

This is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young students while having fun and gaining valuable experience as a volunteer educator!

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  1. Good afternoon, I am a STEM educator and content creator for I would like to collaborate with you remotely either as lesson developer or remote teacher. Please let me know if I can be of any help.thanks

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