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Mars Resources Infographic

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Are you new to the concept of Mars colonization? Having seen images of the dusty surface, perhaps you found yourself wondering: 

“How could we possibly bring enough supplies to survive there?” 

The human exploration and settlement of Mars will not require us to bring everything we need with us. It might look austere, but Mars is not wholly barren. Through a process called In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), we can live and eventually thrive on the Red Planet by taking advantage of water, oxygen, building materials, and arable soil already present on the planet.

The following infographic provides a brief overview of some in-situ resources that can be used for Mars colonization. 

Mars is not as barren as you may have thought!

Mars colonization is not just a dream, it’s an achievable and important goal. By taking advantage of the resources the red planet already has in abundance, we can establish a self-sustaining settlement while greatly reducing the volume of materials we have to ship from Earth.

There are significant challenges to overcome but with perseverance and courage, we can achieve tremendous things together.

Becoming multi-planetary is the future of our species. Want to participate in that journey? Consider becoming a member!

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