I thought I would take the time to write an entertaining piece on mars. Mars while smaller than Earth has fascinated scientists since its discovery. Back in the olden days of 1976, the Viking Orbiter transmitted an image of a formation on Mars that scientists found very amusing. This object had a strong resemblance with that of a human face. The scientists did not think much of the object and just chuckled in passing. They considered it a illusion, nothing more than lighting and shadows. The resolution from the images at the time were not that crisp or sharp and you couldn’t really tell any difference. At the dawn of the space age the scientists had much bigger and more important aspects of Mars to categorize.

Following this initial discovery, the face never went public until a few years later. The face was later discovered a few years later by two engineers, Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar. Immediately after this discovery, they released the images to the public and it became an overnight sensation. NASA did not take any of the wild speculation seriously and tried to tone down the public’s mood. Despite this the resemblance from the face was just too strong to ignore. With two separate images showing what undoubtedly looked like a human or humanoid like face, conspiracy theory ensued. After all the face had deep shadows around the eyes and seemed to be symmetrical. If you looked hard enough you could see what looked like a iris and teeth. This was nearly impossible for nature alone to create a formation like this.

Was this real? Could Martians have constructed such a monumental structure? Why does it look so much like a human? This was just the beginning of the debate. Nearby this structure was what looked like an ancient city. Pyramids and whole complex’s of structures sat near this formation, thus establishing more credibility for the concept of Martians. Sure, they may not be there now, but could they have existed? Also found near this complex were other structures that looked similar to our Sphinx in Egypt. The idea of ancient Egypt fascinated many at the time and people were making connections between Mars and Egypt literally overnight. With the face facing up into space could the very people that once populated Mars also have populated Earth? Many older religions make references to the possibilities of these events taking place 1000′s of years in the past. A stretch, maybe, but maybe not.

This face was dubbed the name of the Cydonia formation. Did I mention that it was 1.5 miles long, 1.2 miles side, and 1/3 of a mile high? This structure was HUGE! No wonder we noticed it so easily from a telescope in modern times. To put this in perspective, the great pyramid of Giza measures in at a much smaller 756 feet on one side. It is also odd to note that this structure faces up at the sky. Almost all manmade objects on earth face upright or standing. This is so that we can visually see them. This object was not made to be seen from the surface of the planet but rather from space itself! If that is what you believe of course. I cannot say either way but it is always fascinating to speculate at the unknown.

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