I just got back from my trip to the IAC convention which was hosted in China. This event lasted for five days at the end of September. The IAC is a convention held yearly on a range of topics involving Space and Physics. A rather interesting trip for me but most likely not for my viewer base. While at this conference I had the time to visit the surrounding area and what a beauty China is. I always expected it to be sort of bleak, similar to those 1980′s kungfu movies. Well I was most certainly very wrong in my assumption.

Let me backtrack for a few moments to when I first arrived in Beijing. I had the pleasure to stay at the Regent Beijing. Through my work over the years I have had the opportunity to explore many facets of the world abroad but my gosh what a gem this resort was! The service and food are some of the finest in the world abroad. I would highly recommend this resort to anyone who is staying in Beijing and has a sophisticated pallet.

While on my trip to the beautiful Beijing I got the opportunity to visit the Temple of Heaven. This structure was absolutely fascinating. Originally built in 1420, 72 years before Columbus’s Voyage to the Americas, this structure was assembled during the Yongle Emperor. The Yongle Emporer was also famously responsible for the construction of the Forbidden City. Our tour guide showed us around the temple explaining the history of the site. Did you know the famous Boxer rebellion took place at this very site?

One of the most famous sites to visit in Beijing is the Great Wall of China. Did you know that this magnificent wall can actually be seen from space? The only manmade object in the world that can be. Even better yet was the fact that the wall was built during the early 200′s bc. The wall was originally constructed to protect China from the Mongols constant raids. This wall stretches for 3,889 miles! That is longer than the width of the Canada. Absolutely absurd when you put it into perspective for others to visualize.

I also had the pleasure to experience the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic show. If you have seen Cirque du Soleil then this experience is very similar. When you enter inside you are greeted by people who speak English. I find this to be absolutely stellar since I understand next to no Chinese. The ticket prices are a steal for 170 yen. There were two half shows each consisting of four to five acts a piece. The lights, acrobatics, and discipline of these people is astonishing. This is an event that cannot be captured in words alone. You will have to experience it for yourself and I highly recommend visiting.

I have also included a video right below to show you the highlights of the IAC convention if you are interested. What an absolutely amazing experience Beijing was. I will definitely come back next year! If you would like to check them out http://www.iafastro.com/

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