The Giant Face on Mars


I thought I would take the time to write an entertaining piece on mars. Mars while smaller than Earth has fascinated scientists since its discovery. Back in the olden days of 1976, the Viking Orbiter transmitted an image of a formation on Mars that scientists found very amusing. This object had a strong resemblance with that of a human face. The scientists did not think much of the object and just chuckled in passing. They considered it a illusion, nothing more than lighting and shadows. The resolution from the images at the time were not that crisp or sharp and you couldn’t really tell any difference. At the dawn of the space age the scientists had much bigger and more important aspects of Mars to categorize.



Why is water on Mars so important?


In August of 2011 scientists discovered that during the “Spring Months” of Mars, carved surfaces in the ground form and this may have been caused by heavily salted water. It is of interest to note that water or H2O HAS been found on Mars. However, much of this water is contained at either the planets poles or underground with the vast majority of the above surface water being frozen. There has been evidence to support claims that Mars may have been covered in Oceans in the distant past however this certainly hasn’t been observed during our modern times. This discovery of “carved surfaces” of the ground may support evidence that the possibility of liquid water exists on Mars.

These new streak formations are taking place over the course of two earth months. Some of these sloping streaks are 650 feet deep. These streaks are currently only forming around the planets warmest areas, with the majority being along the equator, which is facing the sun more often. This is not proof of liquid water but the most likely explanation currently is H2O in liquid form. Now with that said; why is the discovery of water on Mars so important or rather profound?



The Importance of Cosmic Dust


Cosmic dust is by definition to be considered all the dust in the cosmos. What makes this matter so special or rather so different from the rest of the material of our universe? Cosmic dust can be considered intergalactic dust, interstellar dust, or even “Star Dust”.

What is really interesting however, is that in October of 2011, scientists discovered that cosmic dust contains complex organic matter. This discovery alone has the potential to unravel our socio economic norms as we know them. This means that all life that we know of may have originated from the very same materials that is contained in the very stars themselves. What if the stars were alive in a very different state? Possibly an absurd question but never forget that there are many secrets to the universe we have not discovered yet.



Managing Military Parts Inventory


The United States military is not only one of the most effective fighting forces in the history of world, it is also likely to be one of the most wasteful. But, the U.S. military is not alone in its lack of efficiency. The reason why large militaries all over the world waste incredible sums of money is because they often find themselves preparing for threats which may never materialize. But another reason for the waste is that militaries have a hard time keeping tracking of all the billions of parts of equipment that they build up over time. But recent advances in technology may help military planners become more responsible as it relates to managing military parts inventory.

One of the most common ways for tracking inventories is to use bar codes. Bar code tracking has a number of distinct advantages over many other manual tracking processes, Including the facts that it is widely used in society, easy to understand and perform, and highly customizable. But one of the major problems with bar code tracking in a military setting is the fact that bar codes can easily become damaged. In case that a bar code is damaged the item to which it is affixed may still be tractable, but the process of tracking such items will be much lengthier and more in-depth than otherwise – and hence would slow down the entire tracking process.

RFID is one of the most promising methods of parts tracking to be become popularized in the past few decades. By making adequate use of RFID tracking stickers military planners can not only track parts and personnel more accurately, but they will also be able to perform tracking operations more quickly. This is thanks to the fact that RFID can be tracked from a distance, and does not necessarily need close-up scanning in the same way that bar codes do.

In the age of austerity, with a military budget which has been cut back due to political infighting, it is important that the United States military to make the best of every piece of inventory that it has. For this reason developing and implementing advance tracking services is essential. Not only will these tracking services allow military leaders to adequately gauge the quantity of resources available, but advanced tracking systems will even allow military leaders to gauge the readiness of said resources at a glance. Ironically, at a time when the military is seeing decreased budgets, it is also looking to improve tracking as a way to reduce costs, a process which itself may prove costly but necessary.


My Wallet’s In The Dollhouse!


Being a father is the most rewarding and enriching experience you could imagine. Just looking at my daughters gives me a sense of peace and contentment that I had never before experienced prior to fatherhood. Teaching them new things is a passion of mine. I've always loved learning and so, I love sharing that experience with my daughters. Watching their faces light up every time they learn something new is the most rewarding experience I could ask for. Sharing my "wisdom" with them has become something of a guilty pleasure of mine. They just can't wait to see what new bit of information I can turn into a wonderful story. One of my stories however came back to bite me… 

After telling my daughters about the safety of not talking to strangers and always looking both ways when crossing the street, I also had to inform them of the importance of not moving things that are "Mommy and Daddy's." I thought that I had gone about it in the right way but apparently the idea of "moving things" hadn't been in their little minds prior to our conversation. Instead of "moving things" being "no-no", it became a fun little game that they got enjoyment out of. They started to hide everything! They hid my wallet. They hid my shoes. They even hid my car keys. I tried to explain to them that this wasn't "nice" and that "Daddy needed his things to go out and work". Well, that made it even worse. They figured if they just hid everything I needed to leave… I couldn't leave! Sweet, yes. But not when I needed to be somewhere for an important meeting! I ended up having to call a Southampton Locksmith just to get into my office! 

Ultimately, we had to sit down and discuss why "hiding things" isn't a fun game for Daddy. After a few days, I think they understood the importance of not taking my things. I explained to them that no matter how much they took, it would only delay my need to leave. I swore to them I would always come back and even worked out a little compromise! I promised them that they could hold onto my things as long as they didn't hide them from me, indefinitely. Now I need only look into their playhouse to find all of my belongings. It's actually become quite an organizational tool! 


Working in Aeronautics at Biggin Hill Airport


I think it's quite common for a lot of little boys around the world to grow up transforming their paper plane fascination into dreams of becoming pilots or aeronautical engineers. For some, like me, the prospect of taking the dream a notch higher to go into aerospace is even more exciting! But of course, if you're planning to pursue this same career, you might have to gather experience first in local or nearby airports with aeronautical opportunities.

Biggin Hill Airport's Interesting History

If you live near Biggin Hill town within the London Borough of Bromley, you're in great luck as a future aeronautical engineer. There's nothing like working at the Biggin Hill Airport which is a living testament of early development work in the field of aeronautics when it had originated as a British Army air base.  That was during the very first World War.

The airport played an even more important role during World War II when it was utilized as a strategic landing field to help in the defense of London. What's more, this venue was also a commanding base throughout the Battle of Britain.

Definitely an interesting workplace for someone who envisions a future in aeronautics or aerospace!

The Benefits of Working at Biggin Hill Airport

Not only will you get a closer glimpse into aircraft development across the course of history, but you'll also be able to gain plenty of experience working on various planes for business purposes and private charters. Your occupation here is just as important as those offering their expertise in more well-known airlines and in very busy airports.

If you want a more laidback kind of work, but nevertheless still stimulating and remarkable as a training ground, go check out the availabilities in this airport. You'll get to enjoy the peace and quiet while also taking pleasure in the convenient, fully-equipped stores in Bromley and other surrounding localities.

A friend of mine who had worked at the airport said that there are also plenty of reliable and efficient technicians around for different needs. In his case, he had easily obtained local locksmith help and was serviced by one of the best locksmiths Bromley could offer when he'd accidentally locked himself out from the tools storage area. Good thing the job was completed fast or he would have gotten reprimanded!

Certainly, it pays to have such dependable services within reach along with the availability of complete commodities. What's more, you can actually find a lot of things to do around here during your days off from work.


When Skies Perform


meteorshowerMajestic, defined as superior to mundane matters. If the sky during a meteor shower is to be defined or described in one word then majestic is what the sky would be. This year there are eight major meteor showers that can be witnessed. Meteor showers happen when a number of “shooting stars” dominate the sky. This occurs when a comet revolves around the sun and Earth happens to be on the same stream, people can then see the icy debris it left behind.

The first meteor shower that happened this year was the Quadrantids which started last New Year and peaked during the night of January 2. If you were not able to witness this, you can still see the Lyrids this April 21 at around 2-3 in the morning. They are not as impressive as others and you can see from 2 to 12 meteors an hour depending in your area. The next is Eta Aquarids, two weeks after Lyrids on May 5th then comes the Comet 209P/LINEAR which happens in the night of May 23rd. The next one, Perseids, will appear after quite some time at August 12 and then on the 21st of October is the Orionids, near Orion’s area. On the nights of November 16 and 17 the Leonids will show and lastly, before the year ends, Geminids can be witness on the 13th of December.

To be able to see the meteor shower, one must stay away from the city’s bright lights. The glow from the lights will reflect in the sky and the shooting stars might not be seen. In order to test your eyes for dark sensitivity, watch out for the little dipper. They are small and not as bright as other stars so you will know if your eyes have already adapted or not.

Meteor showers are like natural celebrations with natural fireworks. If your family is also into this stuff make sure to bring them with you and also pack food. This may take a while and the schedules are not that accurate so be patient and treat this as a night-time picnic. It is not necessary to bring binoculars as they will not be much of help during the meteor shower, your eyes will do. Just remember one thing: lie down, relax and enjoy the sky’s majestic show.


Knowing What’s Above You


StargazingStargazing has been an activity since the ancient times. Our ancestors search the skies for answers with regards to their daily lives and the events that happened. With it they needed to mark the skies with some kind of a pattern and these patterns became the constellations. These are not merely looking at the skies as a past-time; this is making sense of the disorder of seemingly random points in the heavens. Our ancestors want to look at the sky as a familiar environment and not only as an ever-changing pattern. This proved to be useful since there are stars in constellations that point to specific directions like Polaris or the North Star.

It is not easy to memorize every pattern in the sky since they do not have boundaries and one star looks similar to the next. In order to create order one must think of ways on how to group these stars. Like a map you can put imaginary boundaries, streets, neighbourhoods and groupings so you would remember the place of each constellation.

To familiarize yourself with the sky, look for the brightest and easiest constellation to spot: the Big Dipper. Others also recognize the Orion easily by its easily recognizable three stars beside each other which is the Orion’s Belt. And when you see these three bright stars in a line you can easily make out the arms, legs, bow and arrow of Orion. From there you would easily see Taurus as it’s approximately close to Orion.

Looking out for constellations mean that you have to look for definitive shapes or figures. The stars are not really literally shaped like twins for Gemini or bear for Ursa Minor, you have to use your imagination in order for the constellations to make sense. Binoculars are not helpful when identifying constellations as you need to look at the big picture and not the individual stars.

No two individuals have the same experience when it comes to learning the skies. Others find it easier to relate with our ancestors and could see constellations in no time. But there are also those who cannot imagine the stars to be something more than what they are.


Space Slang


universeThe origin of astronomy is unknown but it is named the oldest natural science dating back to pre-historic times. Astronomy and religion has become interrelated along with politics and nature. Everything that happens in the world can be attributed to the positions of these celestial bodies. As early as the ancient times, astronomers have already distinguished stars from the planets and already knew that it takes about 365 days for the completion of the Earth’s revolution.

The study of the sky has become very interesting that, even now, people undertake sky watching as a family bonding moment. There are those who watch the night sky vigilantly and notice even the smallest differences. The start of being an astronomer would be interest, interest not only in the appearance of the moon but also how these appearances affect the Earth’s behaviour. Reading is one way to acquire knowledge on how to start studying the sky. Here are a few words one must learn as they are jargons used by avid sky watchers

The stars’ brightness

Known to all the brightness of a star is called magnitude, and it is measured by 1st, 2nd, 3rd magnitude. But not everyone knows that the 1st magnitude is the brightest, so the bigger the number the fainter the star is. Hubble telescope was able to see the faintest start at 30th magnitude while the brightest star recorded is Sirius at -1.4 magnitude.

Measuring the distance

The issue with measuring the distance between two stars in order to get to your point is a little difficult if we use the metric system. The distance might be about 10 centimetres to us but others might see it as 15 centimetres more or less and would result to referring to another star. So the stars’ distance is measured by angles, it two stars are 5 degrees apart it means that if there was a line drawn from your eye to both the stars it would form an acute 5-degree angle. It is not that simple to use the first time but with practice it would be a piece of cake.

Early and late star

There is a classification for stars according to its lifespan. The early type star is hotter and larger than the late type star. This is relating to the notion that stars start being very hot and as they age they become cooler then die off.

These are just some of the terminologies that a beginner can use. Reading on astronomers and their discoveries will also help a lot. Just make sure to have the equipment needed so that you could see the stars and take a look at the past.


Little Blue Squiggles: The Best Way To Tour Europe


During my time as an aerospace engineer I can recall looking at satellite images of Earth from time to time. Although it was never the crux of my job to perform any kind of analysis of these images or to be directly involved in collecting information about them, being in the industry provided me the occasional opportunity to view breathtaking images of our planet taken from space. I remember seeing the European continent in particular and having the desire to explore that part of the world. The greenish-tan landscape was accented by long thin blue squiggles that were certain rivers that I wanted to explore and the desire only grew stronger the more I looked at those amazing pictures.

Now that I am retired from the world of aerospace engineering I have the good fortune of being able to see the European continent up close the way I wanted to when I was seeing those satellite images. But rather than touring this beautiful part of the world by bus or train, I wanted to experience it by traveling along those blue squiggles that are the rivers of Europe. With my wife and my two young daughters accompanying me, I booked a series of European river cruises that turned out to be the experience of a lifetime. These cruises are so much more than just hopping on a big boat packed with hundreds of other tourists. These were the epitome of luxury and opulence that I was hoping for but didn’t think was available.

Europe is as beautiful when viewed from the Rhine or the Danube Rivers as it is when viewed from outer space. The advantage I found, however, was being able to see the incredible European architecture juxtaposed with the European landscape. Experiencing such an astounding combination while cruising along the many rivers of Europe is in my estimation the most unique and exciting way to visit this profoundly historic part of the world. The dining and accommodations were all exemplary and every port stop was an adventure. Who could have imagined that little blue squiggles could provide the experience of a lifetime?


Do You Want To Improve Your Appearance? Consider Cosmetic Surgery


appearanceAs women become more and more aware of their appearance they are turning to cosmetic surgery to help improve that appearance. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more effective with every passing year and experience surgeons are able to make huge improvements to a woman’s looks.

Two of the cosmetic operations which are more popular than most are breast lifts and liposuction. Both these operations are cosmetic operations, meaning that they are intended to improve looks rather than have any specific health outcome.

However despite the fact that these operations are cosmetic in nature and not directly designed to improve health they certainly produce very significant improvements in the psychological outlook of women who undertake them.

The improvements in the sense of self worth of women who undertake operations such as breast lifts and liposuction is enormous, and for this reason these are extremely worthwhile operations for women who feel that their looks are less than perfect.

A breast lift is an operation which is intended to tighten and lift the breasts, commonly after they have begun to sag following a few years too many. There are a number of ways of achieving the result, but the outcome is a firmer and better looking breast and a better looking body contour.

Competent plastic surgeons able to perform these types of operations can be found throughout the US. Many surgeons now are happy to perform a breast lift. Austin, Texas, is lucky to be serviced by one particularly experienced surgeon, who can be found at http://www.hallplasticsurgery.com/breast-lift-austin-mastopexy.html however anyone interested in finding a surgeon to perform a breast lift is likely to find one near them.

Liposuction is also a cosmetic operation, which involves the removal of fat cells from various areas of the body. The outcome of this operation is a reshaping of the body to attain a better looking and more natural appearance. It is a very successful operation when performed by a competent surgeon.

As with breast lifts, it’s possible to find a good surgeon anywhere near you. If you live in New York, there are many who will perform liposuction. NYC is well serviced by surgeons such as http://www.nygplasticsurgery.com/plastic-surgery/body-contouring/liposuction.php and anyone interested in finding a surgeon in New York would be well advised to begin there.

And of course are many other very experience cosmetic surgeons able to perform liposuction operations throughout the country.

Of course these are just two of the many operations which can be performed by cosmetic surgeons. So if you have any concerns about your outward physical appearance don’t hesitate to look up a cosmetic surgeon near you and see if some form of surgery may well help improve your looks, and your sense of self worth.

Don’t hesitate. Cosmetic surgery is getting better and better and the outcomes for women are also getting better and better. Whether it’s a breast lift, liposuction or any other cosmetic surgical procedure, there is little doubt that undertaking cosmetic surgery will make a huge improvement to your life. You won’t regret the decision.


Why I Find Advancements in Trading Technology Very Exciting


As a former aerospace engineer, I am very much interested in the newest technologies. Even though I don’t work anymore, I still read about advancements in science and technology often. I find the direction our world is moving in to be very exciting, and it’s all thanks to the scientific progress we’re making. In the next fifty years, the world will definitely much better off in many ways thanks to the rate of scientific progress becoming faster and faster with each year that passes. I’m excited about all kinds of technologies, even the ones some people would consider uninteresting. One of these technologies happens to be trading technology. It’s actually really amazing. For one, people can now do amazing trades online through websites such as www.bankdebinary.co.uk. This wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago.

Why exactly am I so interested in the advent of trading technology? Some people might not realize it, but online trading is definitely going to change the world economy. Because online trading technologies give financially illiterate populations the chance to learn and do trading, we can expect it to certainly improve the economy of many poor territories in the near future. Imagine, just by having access to the internet, anyone can now do binary options trading. Some financial institutions even go as far as create amazing mobile websites just so everyone really gets the chance to avail of their services. One of these institutions happens to be Banc de Binary. If you look up Banc de Binary reviews, you will see that virtually everyone is raving about their mobile services. This is because Banc de Binary operates a mobile website which provides clients access to the full range of their services even when they’re on the go. Also, considering the fact that most people now access the internet primarily through a mobile device, we can definitely say that the firm’s mobile website works to increase its reach.

“Companies like Banc de Binary are really doing a great job taking trends into account when improving their services. Because they do so, they are able to provide amazing service to a large part of their target market. What’s great is that the brokerage and its client are not the only ones who benefit from the brokerage’s business practices – world economies also benefit from it,” Garry Stoltz, a friend of mine who happens to be a financial expert/tech writer, told me. I couldn’t agree more with him. By taking advantage of the newest technologies and trends, Banc de Binary is able to improve the lives of so many people from all over the world.

Hopefully, what I have written here will end up helping you realize that should things continue as they are, the word as we know it will become a scientific utopia in a hundred years. Maybe even less if things run really smoothly. I’m not saying that everything will be fixed thanks to scientific progress, but it is certainly possible to significantly improve the lives of so many people in the world through it. Who knows, maybe in the next fifty years, poverty will have already become a thing of the past thanks to scientific advancements.


My New Life in Canada


I had long been thinking about moving permanently to Canada. I had been living in the Seattle area since my mid-twenties. I had come to Seattle from New York to take up a position as an aerospace engineer, working on satellite systems and robotics with Tethers. I loved my work there, and I loved the lifestyle option in Washington State.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved to go on fishing and camping trips. The problem was, in New York, it took ages to travel away from the city, and that was pretty awful, especially at times when everybody else had the same idea.

When I moved to Seattle, it was much easier and faster to get into the wilderness, and I took full advantage of that. Almost every weekend, I would go somewhere to either walk in woods or up mountains, or to spend more relaxing times fishing. It was on one of these walking trips that I met the lovely lady who was to become my wife. She was a teacher who shared the same love of outdoor pursuits, and it was not long until we started taking trips together.

We began to explore a bit further afield, and the first time we went to Canada, we were both struck straight away with the more relaxed way of life the Canadians had. Maybe some of this was in our own minds, because we were always aware that we had to return to work after our break.

The opportunities for my type of work were limited in Canada, so we did not seriously consider moving there in the early years. Then the first of our two girls started school, and we decided both would have to finish their education before we would feel comfortable about uprooting. I have to admit to being a bit of a techno-geek, and was not sure if living in a remote community would let me carry on playing with my range of electronic gadgets, so dreams of living in the wild remained just that.

When I retired from Tethers, the call of Canada was growing ever stronger. Our two kids were in two different colleges in the US. It would be just as easy for them to come visit us in Canada as in Seattle. They told us we should go for it.

My wife was equally keen on moving. She wanted to quit teaching and concentrate on her creative writing, so we finally made the big decision. She quit her job, and we put our home on the market. Our realtor advised us to de-clutter the house to help it sell.

After more than 30 years in the same home, we had accumulated a lot of stuff. Our realtor suggested hiring a dumpster and pointed us to Dumpster Rental Zone. For a complete guide regarding the best dumpster size for your needs, check out this link: http://www.dumpsterrentalzone.com/dumpster-sizes-and-service/. Once our dumpster arrived, we were ruthless in disposing of stuff we did not absolutely need. It obviously worked, because we got an acceptable offer almost immediately.

That is why we are now happily settled in a small community about an hour from Vancouver. We have been here for five years, and have never had a single regret about making the move. Both girls love our new home as well, although we do not get to see them as often as we’d like. Still, our move has been mainly positive, and we intend to stay in Canada.