The Giant Face on Mars


I thought I would take the time to write an entertaining piece on mars. Mars while smaller than Earth has fascinated scientists since its discovery. Back in the olden days of 1976, the Viking Orbiter transmitted an image of a formation on Mars that scientists found very amusing. This object had a strong resemblance with that of a human face. The scientists did not think much of the object and just chuckled in passing. They considered it a illusion, nothing more than lighting and shadows. The resolution from the images at the time were not that crisp or sharp and you couldn’t really tell any difference. At the dawn of the space age the scientists had much bigger and more important aspects of Mars to categorize.



Why is water on Mars so important?


In August of 2011 scientists discovered that during the “Spring Months” of Mars, carved surfaces in the ground form and this may have been caused by heavily salted water. It is of interest to note that water or H2O HAS been found on Mars. However, much of this water is contained at either the planets poles or underground with the vast majority of the above surface water being frozen. There has been evidence to support claims that Mars may have been covered in Oceans in the distant past however this certainly hasn’t been observed during our modern times. This discovery of “carved surfaces” of the ground may support evidence that the possibility of liquid water exists on Mars.

These new streak formations are taking place over the course of two earth months. Some of these sloping streaks are 650 feet deep. These streaks are currently only forming around the planets warmest areas, with the majority being along the equator, which is facing the sun more often. This is not proof of liquid water but the most likely explanation currently is H2O in liquid form. Now with that said; why is the discovery of water on Mars so important or rather profound?



The Importance of Cosmic Dust


Cosmic dust is by definition to be considered all the dust in the cosmos. What makes this matter so special or rather so different from the rest of the material of our universe? Cosmic dust can be considered intergalactic dust, interstellar dust, or even “Star Dust”.

What is really interesting however, is that in October of 2011, scientists discovered that cosmic dust contains complex organic matter. This discovery alone has the potential to unravel our socio economic norms as we know them. This means that all life that we know of may have originated from the very same materials that is contained in the very stars themselves. What if the stars were alive in a very different state? Possibly an absurd question but never forget that there are many secrets to the universe we have not discovered yet.



Space is The Place: Some News from the Final Frontier


I truly believe that space is the final frontier for humanity. It’s large, almost infinite in size, and there’s a chance that life might actually exist on the very fringes. That, in itself is truly wondrous, which is why I think adventuring through space would be awesome. Of course, while it may take some time before we become space cowboys, we can’t rule out that possibility. Here are some of the best news stories about extra terrestrial travel that I personally enjoy.

Creepy Going About with A Stations Cubesat Launchers
On the ISS, there are these things called Cubesat Launchers which are designed to shoot out miniature image taking boxes. They are meant as cameras that will take pictures of the earth every 24 hours. However, recently some of these boxes have been taking images out on their own, without anyone’s orders. Each cube launches, takes images, and then comes back. The station staff headed by Steve Swanson has told that even on board cameras can’t reveal who is doing this. Now the idea of a vast emptiness is scary enough, but couple that with space ghosts, and you have a whole new mess of fear.

Student Built Space Rovers
Kids and teens can be endlessly creative and intelligent as well. So, in an effort to find the next new talent, the NGO Mars Society Polska set up an annual European Rover challenge. The aim of this competition is to help bring students together and teach them about space engineering. At the same time, the program is meant to increase interest in space exploration in general.

Cheap High Altitude Vehicles for All
Do you have dream where you fly high in the atmosphere? Well, thanks to the Rockzip Company, this dream may turn out to be very possible. You see, there are these devices known as high altitude balloons which are designed to reach up into the upper atmosphere. In a few short years, these balloons which cost around $1500 dollars will be made available to the general public.

Space travel is becoming very accessible to everyone around the world, and that’s a marvelous thing. Very soon, it won’t just be rocks we put into exhibition displays, we might use those display cases for alien artifacts.


When Solar Powered Heaters Fail


As a former NASA employee, we were taught to think about sustainability. Resources and energy sources are not readily available in space, so I had to think of ways to make nature work for most of my projects. I carried that same line of thinking of me wherever I went and my house is a clear example of that. We recycled water, waste, compost gardening as well as used solar panels to heat our water and power some of the sections in our home. It’s not 100 percent sustainable and the power is not enough to run the entire household, but at least I can say that we’re doing our share to conserve resources and save at the same time.

A lot of people think that just because I worked for NASA, I’m already rolling in money. That isn’t true. I plan to send my two girls to college and we also spent a good amount of money when we moved to Canada. The thing about living in Canada is that it is cold – it’s nothing like the sun shiney California that I was accustomed to seeing. Here, the weather can turn from a snowy day into a blizzard in about 10 minutes. I’ve spent more time shoveling snow out of the driveway than actually driving when I first got here. It’s a fun place to live in though, and my family loves it here, so no complaints for me.

It took us a while to adjust to the temperature though. One of the first things that I did was to of course, set up the heaters at home. Being an engineer, my wife expected me to have a firm understanding of that. I would like to think that I do, so I set up the same kind of system that we had in our old home, a solar-powered one. However, since weather conditions here are so different, they didn’t work most of the time. It was a hit-or-miss thing. Being a man, the last thing I want is getting complaints from the members of the family that the room is icy cold. Once, I opened the shower and screamed so hard I think the neighbors heard me. Considering that the nearest neighbor is about 10 minutes away, I knew I had to call in the experts from Water Heater HQ. No one ever complained since then.


Technology to Keep Kids Occupied


Technology does not just bring convenience in the lives of adults when it comes to work and business, but it also brings fun and entertainment. Parents who are having difficulties keeping their kids occupied so they can focus on their tasks may also benefit from this. With the advancement of technology, there are effective ways on how to capture the attention of kids and keep them busy for a longer time.

Smartphones and Tablets

Kids nowadays are exposed early on the use of smartphones and tablets. These gadgets can help parents finish their chores as their tots could do a lot of different things using these devices. There are various sites to visit and apps to download so your children can play their favorite games. From fun dress up games and cake decorating games to brain stimulating puzzle games, there are thousands of games to choose from.

If they get tired of playing, they can also listen to their favorite songs and sing along or dance with it. Kids love watching their favorite movies over and over again. Even if they watched it for the nth time, they would want to watch them again, which could be an advantage for you. Play these movies and you’ll see that you’ll be able to focus on your work.

RC Toys

RC toys are fun and exciting for kids to play since they can move them like they are the real thing. While remote controlled cars are the most common, there are other types of toys that can also be controlled by RC such as airplanes, helicopters, submarines, boats, trains and even robots.

Rent Lego Toys

Lego toys are hit toys for kids. New Lego sets are continuously being produced that children would love. These toys could cost some money, especially if your kids always want to have the latest. A solution for this is to rent Lego toys instead. Subscribe to this service and a set will be delivered to you. You can send it back and ask for another set once your kids got bored with it. Through this, there’s always something new that your kids could play, which is a more effective way to keep them busy.

While technology offer a huge help in keeping kids occupied, you should find the right balance as too much of something isn’t good. They should also have time to do other activities that are not technology related, which would develop their creativity, physical strength, as well as social skills as they play and mingle with other kids. There are non-tech related but equally fun activities that they can do, like hopscotch, or jumping on a trampoline.

Kids of all ages love jumping up and down for hours. There are those that are designed for specific ages. Find one that’s appropriate for the age of your kid to ensure that it’s not only fun but safe too.  For instance, if your kid is aged 1 to 3 years old, a toddler trampoline with extra support features like a handle that kids can hold on to are great options. Bigger trampolines like the ones made by Skywalker are perfect for older kids. Reading Skywalker trampoline reviews would show you its pros and cons. This would help you determine if this is the right one for your kids.

Shop around and compare to find the best and most affordable trampoline for your children.


Hosted PBX Technology for Small and Medium Businesses


Small and medium businesses can take advantage of the VOIP technology or voice over Internet protocol to make communication within the company and with the customers more convenient. Instead of regular phone lines, calls are taken over the Internet. Hosted PBX is an example of a hosted VOIP service, which is popular in Orange County. An Orange County hosted PBX provider will operate and maintain your VOIP system.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

If your business is still using  regular phone lines, but you’re thinking of switching to hosted PBX, here are some of the benefits that you would get if you push through with the change.

  • Initial and On Going Savings on Cost – this technology is a money saver, which is important for start-up and medium businesses. No additional hardware is needed as you can use your computer or mobile device to use the system. Even if you expand, there’s still no need to purchase extra hardware, except for the PC, laptop or mobile phone that the new employees would use.
  • Users Can Access It Anywhere – it can be used anytime and anywhere as long as there’s Internet connectivity, since it runs over the Internet. Employees can work from home or even from another location and still be connected with the company’s communication system.
  • Easy to Use – it doesn’t require technical skills to use the system. Log in with the correct information and you’re good to go.
  • Quick Set Up – set up is quicker than regular phone lines, which is an advantage since you can start business operation sooner.
  • Enhance Communication – since people in the company have convenient access to the system, timely connection can be achieved, which is crucial in every business. Moreover, it would be easier to attend to the needs of customers.

How to Choose Your Hosted PBX Provider

More and more providers are offering VOIP technology to businesses. This means that you have several options when it comes to choosing the company to host your PBX system.  However, you should only choose the best in order to get an excellent service. Find one with a proven track record.  Who are their customers and what do they have to say about the provider? They should also be easy to contact in case you have questions or experience any concern with the service. Consider the features of the service as well. Some of these features include automatic call recording and custom hold music.

Consider these factors when choosing your provider for the hosted PBX technology.


How Technology is Changing Cosmetic Surgery


Not too long ago, having cosmetic surgery was referred to as “going under the knife.” However, this phrase seems inappropriate these days, if you areto consider how technology has advanced and changed the way cosmetic surgery is being done.

With the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery also came technological changes. While past procedures involved the surgeon’s use of a scalpel and a patient requiring days for recovery, today’s techniques for making people look better and younger are characterized as being minimally invasive. Naturally, there are still operations that employ traditional means of surgery; but with the aid of other technologies, smaller and fewer incisions are required to achieve satisfying results.

Because of their ability to cut through tissue without causing too much bleeding, lasers have become indispensable to cosmetic surgeons. In the past, procedures such as facelifts and eyelifts needed extensive surgery as well as recovery time; however, with the use of lasers, they can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Laser-equipped tools are now utilized to tighten facial skin, smooth out wrinkles, minimize pores, remove scars and lighten freckles. Similarly, lasers are also used to correct drooping upper eyelids and to remove eye bags on the lower lid.

In addition to the procedures done on the face, lasers are also effective for beautifying other parts of the body. Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures being done today and it is a technique many women resort to, to remove hair from the legs, bikini line, underarm and legs. As far as getting rid of unwanted hair is concerned, the application of lasers provides the advantages of precision, speed and permanence.

People suffering from varicose veins can also benefit from lasers. Historically, surgery was the only option if one wanted to have varicose veins treated. However, this scenario has changed with a method called endovenous laser ablation or ELA, which involves the insertion of a laser fiber into a bulging vein to make it shrink. The procedure, which takes less than half an hour to perform, has minimal risks for complications. ELA has become so popular that this type of treatment is now being offered by several cosmetic surgery facilities, such as the vein doctor in Orange County who can be found on this site; and the center for spider vein treatment in Cedar Rapids featured on this site.

For body contouring, the latest technology makes use of ultrasound to melt fat and reshape the body. According to specialists, the results are similar to a traditional liposuction but in this procedure, the fat is easier to remove and is less painful to the patient. For this type of cosmetic surgery technology, the ultrasound is utilized to provide a very deep heat, which is capable of melting away fatty deposits in the body.

Today, people say that 40 is the new 20. Of course, society’s changing perception on aging may be the reason why more and more middle-aged men and women are appearing younger than they really are. But then, it could also be the beauty tools, techniques and devices available that can help preserve one’s youth. With the way technology is advancing and being used in the field of cosmetic surgery, we may have a future where looking your age will be a thing of the past.


Comparing Modern Conveniences with those of Ten Years Ago


record playerModern living is constantly moving forward. With technology making leaps every single day there are new processes, products and services which are always sprouting up on the market. The new technology usually makes its way down from industrial processes to the office and then to the household. In no time, we have taken for granted that these devices did not exist just ten years ago. We do not even remember the inconvenience of not having these devices.

For instance, a flatscreen HDTV set was a normal fixture nowadays. Ten years ago, these were still being introduced into the market. At the time, only Japan had regular HDTV programming. These days you cannot watch TV unless you have a set-top box for HD-quality video.

In today’s kitchen, food processors and blenders are not just the two devices used to puree, mix or blend food. There are a whole range of devices for modern convenience which include thermo blenders and handheld blitzers. These have their own special use, even though in theory, they can all do the same thing.

In some industries and services, technology does take a bit longer to permeate change. When searching for a Scottsdale dentist office, you would see that the offices almost always look the same. The only differences would be the actual service and care of the staff. The technology changes have been so subtle that you would not notice any thing new for the past ten years. However, the new equipment and techniques are there, but these are not so evident. It’s not like the jump from pedal-powered drills to electrical high-speed drills. That was something that those people who remember it, would not easily forget.

Moving forward, there is a certain nostalgia for old technology. This is a personal feeling, but I can only understand the feeling if there advantages to the technology. For instance, tape decks, and vinyl. These technologies trump digital media in terms of sound quality and reproduction. The problem is portability. By today’s standards, tape players, and record players are big and bulky. They also have moving parts which makes them bulky when you have to carry around.

In the end consumers have to live with the compromises which technology addresses. Once a technology takes hold, there’s usually no remembering what it was like ten years ago.


Working in Aeronautics at Biggin Hill Airport


I think it’s quite common for a lot of little boys around the world to grow up transforming their paper plane fascination into dreams of becoming pilots or aeronautical engineers. For some, like me, the prospect of taking the dream a notch higher to go into aerospace is even more exciting! But of course, if you’re planning to pursue this same career, you might have to gather experience first in local or nearby airports with aeronautical opportunities.

Biggin Hill Airport’s Interesting History

If you live near Biggin Hill town within the London Borough of Bromley, you’re in great luck as a future aeronautical engineer. There’s nothing like working at the Biggin Hill Airport which is a living testament of early development work in the field of aeronautics when it had originated as a British Army air base.  That was during the very first World War.

The airport played an even more important role during World War II when it was utilized as a strategic landing field to help in the defense of London. What’s more, this venue was also a commanding base throughout the Battle of Britain.

Definitely an interesting workplace for someone who envisions a future in aeronautics or aerospace!

The Benefits of Working at Biggin Hill Airport

Not only will you get a closer glimpse into aircraft development across the course of history, but you’ll also be able to gain plenty of experience working on various planes for business purposes and private charters. Your occupation here is just as important as those offering their expertise in more well-known airlines and in very busy airports.

If you want a more laidback kind of work, but nevertheless still stimulating and remarkable as a training ground, go check out the availabilities in this airport. You’ll get to enjoy the peace and quiet while also taking pleasure in the convenient, fully-equipped stores in Bromley and other surrounding localities.

A friend of mine who had worked at the airport said that there are also plenty of reliable and efficient technicians around for different needs. In his case, he had easily obtained local locksmith help and was serviced by one of the best locksmiths Bromley could offer when he’d accidentally locked himself out from the tools storage area. Good thing the job was completed fast or he would have gotten reprimanded!

Certainly, it pays to have such dependable services within reach along with the availability of complete commodities. What’s more, you can actually find a lot of things to do around here during your days off from work.


How I Planned for My Retirement


Most of my regular readers will know that I am retired, but in this post I wanted to share a little bit more about my retirement plan and how I was able to retire at my age. I get asked so many questions about my retirement and I am astounded that most people I talk to have little or no plan for their own retirement. This is just one of the reasons that I thought it was so important to share my retirement story with others. I hope everyone that reads this post will start thinking about their retirement and put a plan of action into place to ensure that you can afford to retire when you want to and get the most out of life. After all, we are only here for a short time and we should make the most of it while we are fit and healthy!

Work Plan
My work was very satisfying and being an aerospace engineer is such a rewarding career. My plan was to be promoted to the top of my division, not only so I would earn more and be able to save more money for retirement, but also simply for career satisfaction. Once I had achieved this position I felt that I had been successful in my career and I would be able to leave with no regrets. It was after being promoted to this highly regarded job that I started making real plans to transition to retirement. I began to read more about investing for retirement, such as this resource and as many retirement and investment magazines as I could get my hands on. It was a difficult decision to leave my job, but today I have absolutely no regrets.

Financial Plan
The most important part of the plan was the financial plan. No matter how good the rest of your plan is, you must have enough money to comfortably retire! Once I was promoted to the top of my division I was able to begin saving the majority of my pay check. Instead of spending all of the extra money, we decided to keep our modest family budget and save the rest for my retirement plan. We didn’t always succeed at this, but we were able to save very quickly indeed. I also made a number of investment choices and diversified my investments in a wide variety of asset classes. This meant that I was able to avoid severe losses during the global financial crisis, which could have put a major dent in my retirement plans.

Family Plan
The number one reason that I decided to retire was so I could spend more time with my growing family. I love my kids and my wife and spending each day with them was far more appealing than spending longer hours at work. I decided that family life was more important to me than a prestigious job and my family gave my plan 100% support. Without this support from my family I wouldn’t have been able to put my plan into effect. I am now able to watch my children grow and take them on exciting adventures whenever I feel like it and I wouldn’t give this freedom back for the world.

I hope that this little bit of insight can give you an idea about creating your own retirement plan. I would encourage all my readers to consider their retirement and make a plan for the future.


Modern Features of Headphones that are Worth Trying


Back then, headphones look too simple. They have small earpieces that you can place in your ears to listen to music or other sounds in your computer or phone. There are instances in which the music being captured is not that good or way too far from the original recording.

Sometimes, when you move the cord a little bit, the sound is disrupted. It may also be too uncomfortable to listen to. However, these days, more modern headphones have been invented. Lots of issues related to old headphones are no longer a problem today. Here are some of the modern features available in certain headphone models that you might want to experience:

1. Noise isolation feature. The moment you put on the headset, it is as if you are in a totally different world. You won’t hear any other sounds aside from the ones that come out of your phone or computer. This is perfect if you wish to sleep well at night or you don’t want to lose concentration on what you are doing.

2. Some headphones come with a memory scale for the headband. This is like a memory foam mattress. It remembers the size of your head and its other features. Therefore, you don’t have to keep on adjusting it. When you use it again next time, it will feel so comfortable. It is as if nothing is on your head.

3. Some models come in different colors. The good thing is that there are brands in which a material is used to stop color from fading. This helps a lot to ensure that it will look good and last for a long time.

4. Before, if the cords are damaged, you have no other choice, but to just throw the headphone away. Today, you can just easily replace damaged cords. You have to pay a minimal amount for the replacement.

5. Most headphones before are only compatible to a single model of mobile phone. Today, most headphones are flexible. They work well with any mobile phone, MP3 players, tablets and computers. There are also some models that come with different chords so they can be attached to different gadgets.

6. Headphones today are also a lot lighter than before. The designs are ergonomic and can be easily brought with you wherever you go.

Affordable Price

You might think that the advent of more modern features in headphones have made the gadget even more expensive. However, the truth is that they are still affordable. In fact, you can find more models that are cheap, but are still of high quality. If you wish to get the best headphones under 100 dollars, go here.

You just need to make sure that you will get a model that has all the features that you are looking for. Some of them might be available for as low as $50, but it is still an amount that you have to pay for. Thus, you need to secure its quality. For the best over the ear headphones under 100, visit http://thebestheadphonesunder100.com/10-best-over-the-ear-headphones-under-100-dollars/.


Robots in Space: How Automated Machines are Revolutionizing Space Travel


There was once a time when the idea of robots in space seemed implausible. The concept was restricted to movies, sci-fi series only geeks like us could enjoy. Lo and behold, after a few years of progress, we as a species have realized that dream. Now, most shows use the premise of giant robots fighting in space, but in reality, we’re using them to progress our efforts into space travel. This is great news for all of mankind because the possibilities of expansion are endless now. Of course, we’ll still have to take things step by step. Here’s some of the best news about robotics applied in space travel.

Automated Gas Stations for Satellites

While the idea of unmanned depots roaming the depths of the universe is great, NASA’s taking things slow in this field. The initial idea behind unmanned stations is to use them for aging satellites that need repair and attention. They are, after all, machines which can still breakdown after years of use and a lack of gas. So the plan is to send a secondary device which stores fuel and orbits alongside each satellite. In addition to becoming a gas station, NASA’s also toying with the concept of maintenance machines on the stations themselves.

The First Unmanned Shuttle has launched into Space

This is probably the biggest development in space robotics that we’ve seen in the last few years. You see, the European Union has not been slacking off when it comes to space travel. In light of the unsure future of NASA, it would only make sense that the biggest economic powers would take up the mantle of space travel. So early last year, they declared their intentions of sending up robotic ship to resupply the ISS with food and other essentials. The trip is currently underway, and if successful, it won’t be too long before we can actually rent an office trailer in space for business purposes.

The Mars Rover has broken a Record

Over the last 40 years of recent space exploration, only one machine held the record for the longest distance traveled by a robot. The Russian rover Lunokhod 2 moved a total of 24.2 miles before it was finally decommissioned in 1973. However, this record has finally been broken by the Mars rover, as it has traveled 25.01 miles in the last 5 months. Since the machine is still running alongside The Curiosity, it’s expected that both will get even farther than that. Just imagine the technology that goes into these machines. The sheer power of that’s stored in the battery packs of each robot is mind boggling to think about.

Space travel is undoubtedly the biggest hope humanity has against combating resource depletion. Of course, we still have to take baby-steps when it comes down to it, but the furthered advancement of this kind of technology is stunning in many ways. Maybe we won’t have trailers in space here but in time that office rental may be possible. Perhaps open up a realty agency on the moon or something.